Consulting and coaching services to help you maximize your social impact.
Strategic Planning

Consulting and coaching services to help you maximize your social impact.

At Adansonia, I believe in all of us as a community of people with the desire and capacity to create equitable and sustainable change that allows every single one of us to aspire to our wildest dreams. I pursue projects that reflect this passion, and facilitate the discovery and development of transformational innovative solutions to community challenges.

I help nonprofit leaders grow their organizations to be sustainable, resilient, collaborative and dependable centers of success for their communities through effective stakeholder engagement, focused mission-centered planning, impactful program design, and success-oriented, collaborative leadership development.

I help business leaders develop scalable community-focused philanthropic programs to create impactful change that is in alignment with corporate strategic objectives and employee and customer values. I work with you to engage in meaningful community investment that facilitates brand credibility, brand loyalty, customer and employee retention, and recognition as community leaders.

Help for Your Nonprofit

Services to help your nonprofit develop strategies that effectively leverage your resources and deliver impactful client-centered programs:

  • Vision, Mission, Values Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Development and Change Management
  • Client-Centered Program Design
  • Leadership Development
  • Fundraising Strategy and Planning


Help for Your Business

Services to help your business create philanthropic community investment programs that are meaningful to you, your staff and your clients:

  • Community Investment Strategy Development
  • Community Investment Program Design and Implementation
  • Community Partnership Facilitation




What people are saying:

Testimonial 8

“ I worked with Cate in large group settings, as well as one-on-one meetings and her work is astounding! She truly can envision the big picture of an organization, while simultaneously breaking down goals to get you to the finish line. I have never been more empowered or had a clearer vision than when working with Cate.” – Cody H., Human Health Nonprofit

Testimonial 4

“Cate showed depth of knowledge, professionalism, and ability to determine what was needed and address it.  She exhibited great follow up, follow through and understanding of our needs by being a great questioner and listener.” – Diane S., Nonprofit Board Member

Testimonial 7

“Cate’s genuine interest in and passion for non-profits easily made her seminar a true stand out. She shared clear, intelligible information that we could actually use…she explained the ‘why’ behind the how’. I walked away feeling I had spent my time well gaining knowledge I could put to use immediately.” – Tammi B., Human Services Nonprofit

Testimonial 3

“Cate made my job so much easier by being a true partner and excellent communicator. She has a high level of creativity and the knowledge and experience to create successful programs.” – Marcia W., Nonprofit Marketing Manager

Testimonial 6

“The class was loaded with detailed and applicable information. She was prepared, extremely knowledgeable. This was high-octane information!” – Gina M., Startup Human Services Nonprofit

Testimonial 1

“Cate is a leader in her industry, and I would highly recommend her to any of my clients.” – Beckie M., Publisher, online parenting resource

Testimonial 5

“This was the most meaningful training I have attending on fundraising and laying out an annual plan. Very informative. I left with all the tools I need to get up and running.” – Marla T, Human Services Nonprofit

Testimonial 2

“She communicated well, was organized, and took care of the logistics, making my job much easier.” – Shaun S., Wish Granter, children’s nonprofit

Testimonial 8

“Cate put all the fundraising pieces out there and then connected them together, making me feel like I could do it. I appreciate her enthusiasm and knowledge so much. Cate was awesome.” – Nico F, Human Health Nonprofit

Testimonial 10

“From beginning to end she was helpful and provided much needed advice for our Social Media and Marketing strategy. She also offered help even after phone call. She was very well prepared for meeting and had great notes.” – Tess B. Founder and CEO, Human Services Nonprofit

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