By Cate Redfern at Adansonia Consulting

Entrepreneurs and startup founders are perfectly positioned to develop scalable, impactful community-focused philanthropic programs within their businesses. These tenacious out-of-the-box thinkers are motivated by solving problems and overcoming challenges, and are the perfect partners to create impactful social change that is in alignment with corporate strategic objectives and employee and customer values.

If you are an entrepreneur thinking about how to engage in meaningful community investment that facilitates brand credibility, brand loyalty, customer and employee retention, and recognition as community leaders, here are some considerations:

  1. Develop your Community Investment Strategy
    • Create a community investment strategy that is in alignment with your corporate values and will further your client and employee attraction and retention goals
    • Articulate a community investment strategic plan specific to achieving meaningful outcomes that articulate what you want your corporate investment to do for society, and what you want it to do for your business
    • Determine who and how you want to actively engage representatives from your community, your customers and employees to create a better world
    • Build your corporate philanthropy program administration structure
  1. Design your Community Investment Program
    • Develop an operation plan to establish or revise structures and processes that will engage all stakeholders in executing your community investment strategy, including establishing giving criteria, beneficiary selection criteria and gift distribution processes
    • Implement an outcomes-based action plan that enables you to administer your community investment program with the resources you have, or consider outsource your community investment program administration
  2. Initiate Community Partnerships
    • Establish partnerships between your business and civic leaders, nonprofits and other community service providers, that will make sure your community investment strategy is executed for maximum social impact
    • Identify and engage nonprofits and community leaders that are serving the causes you care about
    • You want to build relationships with other businesses and foundations that are also pursuing the community challenges you want to solve

When business leaders strategically partner with nonprofits to solve social problems, in a spirit of collaboration, the impact can be significant and far-reaching.

To find out how I can help you and your business create philanthropic community investment programs that will are meaningful to you, your staff and your clients, schedule a complimentary discovery call to discuss your goals.