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I work closely with Adansonia clients to develop outcomes-based nonprofit and business strategies and action plans that achieve maximum social impact by providing the following services:
For Nonprofits

Services to help your nonprofit develop strategies that effectively leverage your resources and deliver impactful client-centered programs:

Strategic Planning
Adansonia’s comprehensive and collaborative Strategic Planning facilitates clear articulation of what organizational success looks like and what it takes to get there. My strategic planning process will help you if:

  • You want clear direction on for organizational growth and how to get there.
  • You want to improve your organizational performance to increase your impact for your clients and community.
  • You want to help your amazing, dedicated staff, board and volunteers become a highly effective, performance-oriented team that is supportive, productive and focused on excellence as they deliver your programs to your clients.
  • You want to empower your leaders and staff to make mission-informed, client-centered decisions.
Organizational Development and Change Management
Adansonia’s thorough Organizational Assessments and Change Management services use collaborative consulting to evaluate current organizational structures and processes against desired outcomes; and provides recommendations to improve organizational systems and processes in pursuit of maximum client-centered impact. I will help you if:

  • You want to steward your organization through growing pains with minimal disruption, and build an organization that is able to deliver meaningful, measurable impact to the community you serve, with integrity, energy and passion.
  • You want to understand your how your current processes and structures respond to challenges and opportunities in your program delivery to your clients.
  • You want to identify, understand and remedy pain points within specific areas of your organization’s operations.
  • You need a proactive change management process that helps you understand your current challenges and opportunities, set measurable goals, implement actions to meet those goals and evaluate results.
  • You want to proactively anticipate and recognize organizational transitions in growth, scope and/or program delivery, and effectively manage the presented transition opportunities with minimal disruption.
Client-Centered Program Design
Adansonia’s Program Design services lead to development of client-centered programs that create positive change by resolving systemic community challenges in an innovative and sustainable way.  My program development process will help you if:

  • You want to understand the challenges faced in your community on a systemic level.
  • You want to effectively identify who your clients are within that community.
  • You want to develop, evaluate and prioritize potential solutions that you could execute within the scope of your mission and resources.
  • You understand the value of including your clients and other stakeholders in the program design process.
  • You want to identify, measure and evaluate short-term quantifiable outcomes and long-term qualitative impact.
Leadership Development
Adansonia’s Leadership Development coaching, mentoring and training services transforms your executive team’s leadership potential into organizational success. Through development of outcomes-oriented processes, your teams will develop behaviors and strategies that are supportive and focused on effectively delivering your programs to your constituents. My one-on-one or group Leadership Development coaching services will help you if:

  • You want to identify real opportunities for development within your behavioral and technical skill set to achieve your full leadership potential.
  • You want to learn how to engage in informed decision-making and proactive behavior that brings your activities into alignment with your organization’s strategic goals.
  • You want to improve an identified specific skill and/or behavioral development opportunity, for example: time management, conflict resolution, collaborative decision-making, goal-setting, opportunity identification, risk recognition and management, proactive planning, crisis identification and management, interpersonal communication, understanding and developing emotional intelligence, effective feedback development, staff and performance management, managing effectively under pressure, etc.
  • You want help with the development of an individual learning plan for yourself and/or other team members, with action items to achieve defined, measurable results within a specific time period.
  • You want to learn how to develop feedback loops to evaluate leadership skill development progress.
Fundraising Strategy & Planning
Adansonia’s Fundraising and Communication Strategy planning and implementation services include a comprehensive evaluation of your existing fundraising and communication programs to identify opportunities for growth and obstacles that are preventing you from reaching your fundraising goals; and complete fundraising and communication program design to increase and diversity fundraising revenue through strategic donor acquisition, donor retention and improved donor engagement. I can help you if:

  • You want to diversify and increase your fundraising revenue and develop sustainable financial stability.
  • You want a coordinated, multi-faceted fundraising and communication plans that include measurable and achievable donor attraction, cultivation and retention goals.
  • You need a step-by-step implementation plan to maximize the revenue generating potential of your fundraising campaigns within your fundraising budget, for example: from-scratch design of annual fund programs, membership campaigns, sustaining recurring programs, giving circles, online fundraising opportunities and leveraging digital platforms for donor engagement.
  • You want effective target audience analysis and segmentation that makes sure your fundraising and communication efforts are reaching the people who need to know about you in a way that makes them want to engage with you, including current and prospective donors, clients, volunteers, staff and community partners.
  • You want development of a mission-focused and audience-centric communication programs with compelling messaging, articulate calls to action and measurable analytics to determine what’s working.
  • You want channel analysis, selection and planning that engages multiple audience segments across effective channels, including direct mail, digital platforms (website, social media, podcasts), and media.
For Businesses

Services to help your business create philanthropic community investment programs that will are meaningful to you, your staff and your clients:

Community Investment Strategy Development

Adansonia’s Community Investment Strategic Development services create community investment strategies that are in alignment with your corporate values and further your client and employee attraction and retention goals. My strategic planning process will help you if:

  • You need strategic planning specific to achieving meaningful outcomes that articulate what you want your corporate investment to do for society, and what you want it to do for your business.
  • You are starting your corporate philanthropy program from scratch or you have an established program that you want to revise to be more in alignment with your corporate values and strategic objectives.
  • You want to develop a community investment strategy that actively engages your community, your company, your customers and your employees to create a better world.
  • You need comprehensive recommendations for how to structure and administer your corporate philanthropy program.
Community Investment Program Design and Implementation

Adansonia’s Community Investment Program Design and Implementation services will develop structures and processes that will deliver measurable social impact in accordance with your community investment strategic objectives. My program design process will help you if:

  • You need an operation plan to establish or revise structures and process that will engage all stakeholders in executing your community investment strategy, including establishing giving criteria, beneficiary selection criteria and gift distribution processes.
  • You need an outcomes-based action plan that enables you to administer your community investment program with the resources you have.
  • You need to outsource your community investment program administration.
Community Partnership Facilitation

Adansonia’s Community Partnership Facilitation services will establish partnerships between your business and civic leaders, nonprofits and other community service providers, that will make sure your community investment strategy is executed for maximum social impact. My partnership facilitation will help you if:

  • You want to identify and engage nonprofits and community leaders that are serving the causes you care about.
  • You want to build relationships with other businesses and foundations that are pursuing the community challenges you want to solve.

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