Nonprofit Services and Solutions

Mission-focused strategic management and development solutions.

Cate Redfern works closely with Adansonia clients to develop clear, mission-focused strategic planning, organizational optimization and fundraising solutions with easy-to-follow implementation plans by providing the following services:

Nonprofit Strategic Planning and Organization Development Services

Do you believe in your mission and wonder how you can improve your nonprofit’s performance to increase your impact?

Do you have amazing staff and think about how you can develop them into a highly effective, performance-oriented team that is supportive, effective and focused on excellence as they deliver your programs to your constituents?

Do you have a passionate board that wants to engage in a more meaningful and productive way?

Adansonia will help you develop and maintain focus on your mission by determining how your nonprofit can best serve your constituents through the programs and services you provide.

  • Developing meaningful Mission, Vision and Values statements that accurately reflect and articulate your nonprofits programs and the constituents you serve.
  • Developing a Strategic Plan with specific, achievable goals, resource allocation, measurable outcomes and an associated detailed Action Plan and Timeline that is easy to understand and delegate to your staff.
  • Developing a Strategic Plan with specific, achievable goals, resource allocation, measurable outcomes and an associated detailed Action Plan and Timeline that is easy to understand and delegate to your staff.
  • Board Development, including expectation-setting, board member recruitment facilitation and board member policy planning and implementation, so that your board attracts volunteers with the skills and talent you need and accurately reflects the interests of your constituents, donors and other stakeholders.
  • Organizational Assessments that use collaborative consulting to evaluate current program delivery against desired outcomes and provide recommendations to improve all organizational systems and processes in pursuit of maximum mission-oriented impact.
  • Organizational change management consulting and collaborative implementation to implement organizational assessment recommendations.
  • Board member, executive staff, and development staff and volunteer coaching to effectively execute strategic and fundraising plans.
Fundraising Program Design and Implementation Services

Are you meeting your fundraising goals?

Do you think about how you can diversify and increase your fundraising revenue to develop sustainable financial stability?

Do you have a coordinated, multi-faceted fundraising plan that includes plans for measurable and achievable donor attraction, cultivation and retention goals?

Adansonia will work with your board and staff to refine existing fundraising programs or develop entirely new fundraising strategies to achieve your fundraising goals.

  • Development Audit of your existing fundraising program to identify opportunities for growth and obstacles that are preventing you from reaching your fundraising goals.
  • Complete fundraising program design to increase and diversity fundraising revenue through strategic donor acquisition, donor retention and improved donor engagement.
  • Step-by-step implementation plans that maximize the revenue generating potential of your fundraising campaigns within your fundraising budget. Examples include: from-scratch design of annual fund programs, membership campaigns, sustaining recurring programs, giving circles, online fundraising opportunities and leveraging digital platforms for donor engagement.

Adansonia also provides ad-hoc direct fundraising services including:

  • Crafting compelling mission-focused direct mail pieces and appeal letters with consistent, on-brand targeted messaging that drives action.
  • Writing inspiring annual reports and impact reports that accurately reflect and measure the performance and success of your nonprofit over the last year, and clearly articulates the challenges and goals of the forthcoming year.
  • Creating compelling case statements for fundraising campaigns.
  • Developing on-brand one-time or drip feed series email marketing campaigns with clear calls to action for fundraising programs, volunteer programs, membership programs, etc.
  • ” Copywriting for nonprofit brochures including programs and services brochures, fundraising brochures, general awareness literature, etc.
Nonprofit Marketing and Communications Services

Do you know if you’re effectively engaging your current donors? Do you know if they’re listening to what you’re telling them?

Are your communication efforts strategically guided by well-articulated and coordinated messaging across multiple channels, with a specific expected outcome?

Do you wonder where you’ll find staff and volunteers that are passionate about your mission?

Adansonia will help you identify, attract and engage your donors, clients, staff, volunteers and community partners with intentional, measurable nonprofit branding, marketing and communication planning.

  • Brand development that that reflects your mission and compels audiences to engage with you
  • Target audience analysis and segmentation to make sure that your communication and marketing efforts are reaching the people who need to know about you in a way that makes them want to engage with you; including current and prospective donors, clients, volunteers, staff and community partners.
  • Development of a mission-focused and audience-centric marketing program that will increase awareness of your nonprofit and its programs through compelling messaging with articulate calls to action and measurable analytics to determine what’s working and track results.
  • ” Channel analysis, selection and planning to engage multiple audience segments across effective channels including direct mail, digital platforms (website, social media, podcasts), and media.
  • Content development to deliver and amplify messaging for each audience segment across all channels.

To find out more about how Adansonia can help your nonprofit achieve its strategic, program and fundraising goals, contact Cate Redfern at 314.399.6944 or send her an email to set up a free one hour in person or telephone meeting.

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